Living Room20.08 m² (216 ft²) Kitchen8.87 m² (95 ft²) Bathroom4.05 m² (43 ft²) Hallway3.64 m² (39 ft²) Balcony3.57 m² (38 ft²) Built Area51.47 m² (554 ft²) Useful Area36.64 m² (394 ft²) UA + Balcony40.21 m² (432 ft²)

Price47.000 EURO + VAT Promotional price44.500 EURO + VAT Down Payment50%

Above ground parking5.000 EURO + VAT Underground parking8.500 EURO + VAT

1st Floor 10 (Sold)    
2nd Floor 18 (Sold)    
3rd Floor 26 (Sold)    
4th Floor 34    
5th Floor 42    
6th FLoor 50    
7th Floor 58    
8th Floor 66    

Now, you can book your desired apartment online. For more information about the project or about a specific type of apartment you can contact us by phone, email or using the form below. For the reservation contract we will need a copy of your identity card. The reservation price is 7,000 RON.

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