Living Room18.26 m² (196 ft²) Kitchen10.12 m² (108 ft²) Bedroom13.04 m² (140 ft²) Bathroom4.53 m² (48 ft²) Hallway5.87 m² (63 ft²) Balcony3.94 m² (42 ft²) Built Area68.74 m² (739 ft²) Useful Area51.82 m² (557 ft²) UA + Balcony55.76 m² (600 ft²) Garden53.48 m² (575 ft²)

Price99.500 EURO + VAT Promotional price94.500 EURO + VAT Down Payment5% - 15%

Above ground parking6.000 EURO + VAT Underground parking10.000 EURO + VAT

Ground Floor 3    

Now, you can book your desired apartment online. For more information about the project or about a specific type of apartment you can contact us by phone, email or using the form below. For the reservation contract we will need a copy of your identity card. The reservation price is 7,000 RON.

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